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Design that matters for people who matter.

The inspiring story of a woman who was hidden away and survived the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
See As I See It - May

"Left to Tell - Find Inspiration" wristbands.
Proceeds from the LEFT TO TELL Wristbands will go to the LEFT TO TELL Charitable Fund, which helps the children of Africa build better lives.
available through Hay House publishing.

A charitable cancer run that ensures that the funds raised in Niagara will go to cancer care facilities in Niagara.

A community project from Uganda, helping women earn real income while creating these unique works of jewellery art.

Free radio for your soul!
Hear from the likes of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Browne, Crystal Andrus and more. Positive and uplifting.

Perceptive September 2005
By H.S.
'Laurie-Anne is uniquely perceptive and is able to quickly zero in on what is troubling me, what is my stumbling block, what lies I believe about myself and what I need to do to overcome."

Inspiration January 2006
By M.R.
"Laurie-Anne shares her own experience wisely and only as an inspiration to me that all I have been through in my life can be changed to be a benefit to me and to others."

Challenges September 2006
By A.B.
"She has an innate ability to turn the most challenging situations into lessons to build on."

Skilled March 2006
By L.W.
"I feel that Laurie-Anne is skilled at Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as having an innate ability to get to the crux of emotional issues that people are dealing with."

Voice May 2006
By U.W.
"Her gift is her voice!"

Comfortable October 2005
By L.P.
"Laurie-Anne is also a great storyteller, with a generous sense of humour and an infectious laugh that fills the room. She captivates an audience, and has a remarkable ability to make anyone feel comfortable--from young children, to teens, to adults."

Rethinking November 2007
By A.W.
Laurie-Anne taught me how I see myself is what I project on to others...good and bad!!

Emotional Presentation
By M.K.
I find workshops with Laurie-Anne to be so inspiring!!!! Listening to her, I was brought to tears. When she speaks, it is like she is telling your story! This workshop inspired a change within me!! Thank you Laurie-Anne!!

Thank you October 2006
By K.S.
Thank you again. This has changed my life. I am learning how to be more grateful for what I have.

Time of My Life October 2007
By A.A.
The past weeks with Laurie-Anne have truely changed my life and put me back on the road to "having the best time of my life!"

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